Entertainment, Hawaii

Entertainment in Hawaii

With so many breathtaking beaches and magnificent natural surrounds, it is easy to understand the main source of entertainment in Hawaii. Whether you choose to spend your days surfing or lazing in the sun, there’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors with it’s beautiful gardening and landscapes. When it comes to indoor entertainment, however, it is easy to see what’s missing from the mix of bars, night clubs and live music – which is gambling. For many years, the local people of Hawaii have debated over the need for legalised gambling, although many do enjoy a game or two of cards. If you’re heading to the tropical shores of Hawaii for your next holiday, be sure to check out these great entertainment options, as an alternative for hitting the casinos.

Finest Cuisines in the Pacific
One thing that Hawaii does not overlook is the chance to serve up some of the finest food in the world. A great fusion between the western influences of the United States and the traditional island culture, visitors are tempted to a delicious assortment of seafood and international dishes. For some unbeatable entertainment, spend the night at one of the many world class restaurants on the islands, overlooking the glistening waves of the ocean.

Sweepstakes & Gambling – The Legal Way!
If you can think of nothing better than relaxing after dinner with a glass of wine and a quick game of cards, there is fun to be had in Hawaii. As previously mentioned, Hawaii does lack a certain air of casinos; however, there are still a number of possibilities for travellers. Sweepstakes venues have popped up on the island of Oahu and are introduced as the legal alternative to gambling. Electronic screens allow players to partake in games such as keno and bingo.

Whether you’re searching for some fun in the sun or would prefer to relax with a glass of wine, some live music and great indoor entertainment, Hawaii is your dream holiday destination.

Hawaii, Volcanoes

Hawaii Volcano Guide

Currently, Hawaii is home to three active volcanoes. One of these is Loihi, which is located underwater off the coast of Big Island. This one has been erupting since 1996 and is expected to eventually break the surface to form a new island. The other active volcanoes are located on Hawaii’s Big Island in what is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here, visitors can see all the magnificence of the Maunaloa volcano and Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983, allowing visitors to see real live flowing lava. This natural wonder continues to pour out copious amounts of lava that is gradually adding acres of surface land to Big Island. The Kilauea Visitor Center serves as an excellent starting point for a journey around Kilauea. It offers maps, ranger guides, information, and updates about the constantly changing mountain. From here, one may travel on Crater Rim Drive of Kilauea Caldera. From this molten path you can reach the Thomas A. Jagger Museum dedicated to volcanology. Also accessible from Crater Rim Drive is the unique Thurston Lava Tube, a hollow lava cave formed from drained molten lava over half a century ago. This extraordinary underground channel opens into a luscious rainforest.

Maunaloa is the most massive mountain on Earth, covering half of Hawaii’s Big Island. It last erupted in 1984. Maunaloa is a large and low profile “shield” volcano that has been created from the broad sheets of lava accumulating after after fluid lava slowly runs from the mouth of the volcano. This design is not steep, but rather broad and huge. The volcano can be hiked, biked, or walked for breathtaking views. The volcano is accessible from both Honolulu accommodation and Waikiki Beach accommodation.

Beaches, Hawaii

Hawaii’s 5 Best Surfing Beaches

A lot of tourists visit the Hawaii islands with the sole intention of catching some fantastic waves. There are dozens of great surfing beaches but the following five are the cream of the crop.

Located on the island of Oahu, Haleiwa is famous for hosting the Van’s Triple Crown Series, one of the prestigious surfing competitions in existence. Haleiwa is also home to the Surf-n-Sea International Open, the longest running amateur competition for surfers. This area has some epic waves, and is best for advanced surfers.

Ehukai Beach Park
In the spring and summer months, surfing at Ehukai Beach Park is ideal for the intermediate surfer who wants a bit of a challenge. Ehukai was featured in the film “Surf Safari,” during which the narrator shouted “Banzai!” as a surfer attempted the pipeline. Today, the pipeline is usually referred to as the “Banzai Pipeline.”

White Plains Beach
In years past, White Plains was a part of the Barber’s Point Naval Air Station. Today, it is a beginner-friendly surfing beach featuring gentle waves and surf lessons taught by the Hawaiian Fire Surf School. This hidden gem is refreshingly quiet compared to other surfing beaches.

One of the oldest surfing beaches in Hawaii, Waikiki still attracts a multitude of visitors every year. There are plenty of gentle waves for the beginner and some stronger ones for those looking for a challenge. The beach is also a great place to relax and soak up the sun on your Waikiki Beach holidays.

In addition to having some surprisingly consistent waves, Hookipa is also a wonderful windsurfing location. With its strong waves and huge swells, the beach is best left to advanced surfers. There a four main surf breaks at Hookipa: Middles, Girlie Bowl, Pavilions and H’Poko.